Bixi Bikes a Tourist's Dream or Credit Card Nightmare?

There is absolutely no better way to get around an urban core then by bicycle. Walking limits your range and is tiring, while cars can get you caught in grid lock and are a hassle and expensive to park. Being on a bike, however is massively liberating as you sit comfortably upright, weave around traffic, cruise by blocks and blocks of great sites, and noodle into places not accessible by car. The problem is that taking a bike with you when travelling to a city is largely impractical. An added problem is locking the bike up.

Enter Bixi. Bixi is a system running in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa that allows you to pay just $5 a day for unlimited access to a bike. That’s a bargain, but the system is more interesting then this. With Bixi you take a bike out from any number of conveniently located lockup stations, usually about three blocks apart from each other, then park it at the same or any another station. You are required to check your bike in every 30 minutes else you ring up penalty charges: this is presumably to encourage you to use the bike for point to point travel and to make sure the stock of bikes at stations doesn’t drain low.

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Bikes/cars/peds in NY

The article A unified theory of New York biking and the subsequent comments are very good. Bike Snob has a bit of rebutal here which I also recommend.


Favourite place #3

Parliament Buildings

Favourite place #2

Sulpher Spring Road

43.07892, -79.30187

Favourite place #1

Page Mill Road

37.31836, -122.15808

Ecospeed Electric Bike Assist

I don’t normally geek out about bicycle technology, in particular electric bikes, and definitely not recumbent bicycles. But I was taken enough by the Ecospeed electric bicycle system to want to share.

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