Configuring Pug with Webpack 4 and the Aurelia CLI

Aurelia is a front-end framework along the lines of Angular and vuejs. The Aurelia CLI (currently v0.33.1) does not support pug templates.

This post shows my effort so far to configure pug on top of a new webpack4-based Aurelia project. There are two outstanding issues that I have not yet resolved:

  • Pug file require statements are not resolving the css file (e.g. require(from='app.styl'))
  • Have not yet tackled the issue of passing locals to index.pug

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Migrating Aurelia CLI from requirejs to Webpack

The article Aurelia-CLI Bundler to Webpack gives the migration highlights, but is a little sparse on details. I ran into a number of head banger issues that were time consuming to resolve. A few of these are covered here.

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