Fat Fingered Financial

Sophos ran an article this morning describing how “two typosquatting sites, Wikapedia.com and Twtter.com, have been forced offline and fined £100,000 ($156,000) each by a UK telephone regulatory agency.”

We’ve all mistyped URLs and encountered typosquatting domains attempting to profit from these fat-finger errors. A good way for you to prevent this happening is to bookmark the pages you visit most often and never type their URLs. This is particuarly import for financial institutions or anywhere else where you are likely to enter a valuable userid and password. Use these bookmarks rather then typing the URLs or clicking on links that have been emailed to you.

A good percentage of users don’t practice organized bookmarking. Users would benefit from a cleaner or more automated approach to adding and using bookmarks for all the sites they log in to, or at least the higher value sites. They need to be further educated to never click on URLs sent by email or obtained other sources, and to only access these services from the bookmarks.