Ad captchas

Woh, this is an interesting counter to banner blindness, at least if you are an advertiser. The video below explains all.

Mark Suster writes on his blog:

They allow content to stay free (Yah!) by having the user enter a small code before seeing the content much like you do with a “Captcha” screen to prove you’re a human.

The beauty of Solve Media’s ad unit (you can see an example at the top of this post) is that the words you enter are not randomly generated and meaningless.  They’re an ad campaign.  You see the picture of dirty socks plus Tide equals clean socks and enter the words “It makes sense” to see the story you want.  As it turns out this drives up brand recall dramatically versus banner advertising (73% recall versus 16% for banners) and message recall from 3% to 41%.  Staggering numbers.