Microsoft Street Slide: One-uping Google Streetview

Microsoft researchers are developing a street view implementation called Street Slide that allows for interesting ways of navigating up and down a street. It seems the photos are taken the same way; a vehicle moves down the road and takes a series of photos in all directions at intervals in time. Each of these intervals results in a bubble of photos, as they call it.

With Google Streetview you move up and down a street, then rotate within a bubble to see in different directions. With Street Slide you zoom out while facing a building, Street Slide then takes slices of imagery from neighboring bubbles to create a new perspective that includes neighboring buildings arranged in a panoramic widescreen experience. It is as if looking at a completely flat frontal view of the buildings where the perspective is from infinity. The image is constructed of slices from bubbles that would best reflect the perspective for the distance that you have zoomed out. You then pan sideways and zoom in as you please. There is space left above and below for street numbers and advertisements. Very cool. Watch the video.

It is reported that Microsoft will be exhibiting Street Slide at the upcoming computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH 2010, in Los Angeles, CA.