Configuring Eclipse for Servlet and Flex Development

During the past few months I’ve been doing Flex and Servlet development in Eclipse on a WinXP machine and simultaneously on a Macbook Pro running Mac OS 10.4. The tools and set up are pretty much the same on Win and Mac.

For newbies, figuring out the correct tools to use and how to configure them can take a bit of time and a bit of guess work. It isn’t always obvious from searches on the web which are the best options, and what information is up to date. I started capturing configuration details on an internal wiki, because we have a few people on my project at Adobe that have needed to simultaneously come up to speed on these procedures. I’ve publicly posted this information here to help others that may be in the same situation that I was a few months ago.

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What I'm Reading - isn't exactly what I'm reading, but this site's collection of training videos and sample code is a learning resource that is worth checking out. covers a wide range of development topics and software products, including most Adobe products. They are an interesting alternative to sitting through days of not-always-suitably-paced classroom training, or reading technical books.

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Jim's Technical Blog Created

I have a backlog of technical information that I've written, or intend to write, and have been meaning to publish. I'm hoping the creation of this blog might encourage me to do so.